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The Organizing Team

All organizers are part of YOUNGO's Action for Climate Empowerment Working Group.


Hailey Campbell

Care About Climate

Hailey is  a climate advocate from the USA. She holds a Master of Sustainability Solutions degree, B.S. in Sustainability with a Certificate in Cross-sector Collaboration, and is the Climate Ambassadors Program Director for Care About Climate. Previously, she worked on climate resilience at her university’s sustainability office, sustainable development on islands with the Local2030 Islands Network, and implementing composting at a local non-profit.

Serena Bashal

UK Youth Climate Coalition

Serena is a climate advocate from the UK. Currently, she is studying a Mathematics and Biology degree, and is a member of the COP Working Group with the UK Youth Climate Coalition. She served as the 2019 YOUNGO Focal Point, and currently represents YOUNGO on the UNFCCC’s Technology Executive Committee Task Force on Enabling Environments and Capacity-Building.


Timothy Damon

Global Youth Development Institute

Timothy is Founder and President of GYDI, a non-profit organization with observer status to the UNFCCC and focused on ACE implementation for youth. Highlights from his 10 years of climate change policy, advocacy, and ACE work include: being a lead organizer for the first ACE YF held in 2018; serving as an elected Focal Point of YOUNGO for 2016; and supporting several Party delegations with regard to the ACE negotiations.

Steven Zhou

Concord College/Issue Studio

Steven is a high school student from China, currently studying in the UK. He is an enthusiastic geographer and an advocate of the UN SDGs. He is the founder of Issue Studio, a youth-led societal organisation focused on urban sustainability and conservation issues in China. He is also a geographic information systems (GIS) analyst and a student researcher in the field of geography and urban studies.


Sahana Kaur

Sahana is a high school junior from Malaysia and the Founder of Project All For All: a nonprofit empowering youths to participate in civic engagement. She is also the Chair of Amnesty International Malaysia’s Youth Committee and a recipient of the EARCOS Global Citizenship Award. She has spoken at numerous events run by organizations like the UN, ARROW, and Amnesty International, and she is the Facilitator of YOUNGO's Resource Management Working Group.

Project All For All

Jin Tanaka

University Student Chamber International


Jin is exclusive member of Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Branch Representative of UN ECOSOC Special Consultative Non-Government Organization, University Student Chamber International. His research focuses on social communication by environmental dialogue and systems of natural conservation areas like geopark and UNESCO eco-park. He researches international conservation mechanisms of geo-park and eco-park provided by UNESCO.


Disha Sarkar

International Youth Conference 2021

Disha Sarkar  is  a  24 years old  Youth Advocate from India . She holds her Masters in Political Science and B.Sc  in Zoology . She was  the Indian Youth Ambassador in the International Youth Conference 2021 . She is a Member of the Leadership Team of Generation Next Network,USA and has convened several  “ Mentorship Circle” Projects under her leadership to provide Capacity Building Opportunities to youths from  her state, Assam.

Ashik Iqbal

Institute of Water and Flood Management

Ashik Iqbal is a young researcher and activist. He has “BSc in Civil Engineering” and is pursuing “MSc in Water Resources Development”. He has spoken in international conferences and published writings at conferences and newspapers. He has worked with JICA, NWO and volunteered for national and international organisations. His interest is in the environment and climate. He wants to make the earth green and the world sustainable again.

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