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Launch Event

The launch event took place on June 10th, 2021 at 3:00pm UTC

During the first weekend of the AYF, the Organizing Team ran a capacity-building event to enhance prospective forum participants' knowledge on ACE. The event was open to anyone interested in learning about ACE, and there were more than 50 attendees. It was also complemented by a capacity-building video, produced by the GYDI, which introduced ACEand its current state in UNFCCC negotiations to further support AYF participants.

Topics covered during the session included:

  • Background on ACE

    • ACE 101

    • The ACE Work Programme

  • Background on the ACE Youth Forum

    • The ACE Youth Forum 2021

    • Week of ACE

  • The Importance of Youth Engagement in ACE

To gauge the session's quality, we conducted a poll before and after the kickoff event asking attendees to assess their level of confidence in their ACE knowledge. The results are highlighted on the following page, and the incredible level of improvement in ACE knowledge epitomizes the need for capacity-building, training, and education on ACE. Check out the results of the poll below: 

Group photo




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