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Cleaning up campaign

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Elements of ACE


Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM UTC


Public Awareness

School Students


Participants will take away the responsibility of fighting for Climate justice and also stop using sings used plastic in our enviroment.


We entend to conduct both workshop and cleaning up campaign reason been climate   justice can't only be speeches alone ,we need step and action.and now must be   our moments of action before it get too late . We will get in the street to   clean plastic and tell people to stop trashing Plastic but should rather get   engaged in recycling then one time used . We will also tell people to act   with urgencies because the devestation of climate change is right here and   right now so there should be no excuse for not trying. We entend to call some   official of government mostly those responsible for preserving our enviroment   to be speakers in our event.

Host Organization

Climate revolution

We go out to do awareness of fighting climate change and also inform them to stop the disposal of single used plastic in our enviroment.

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