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Involving Indigenous Communities: Story from Eastern Ghats,India

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Friday, July 16, 2021 at 2:00:00 PM UTC


Public Access to Information, Public Awareness, Public Participation



1.keeping local challenges as priority in climate action 2. building access to education to remote tribal people


1.Introduction about indegenous communities their challenges in India 

2. walk through the plan of involving community 

3. talk about importance of access to education for tribals 

4. talk about how we brought government support to make the project sustainable .

Host Organization


public awareness and providing them access to basic education and health care and other alternatives are key for protecting the forests through local tribal communities. I am working with primitive tribal groups In India for past 5 years and built couple of community centres with the help of community which is providing access to education. I would like to share my experience in working at grassroots and building sustainable solutions. You can read more here

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