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ACE Youth Forum 2023

Accelerating the impact and capacity-building of  Young People in ACE Negotiations and Implementation

The 2021 Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) Youth Forum (AYF) was a virtual conference organized by members of YOUNGO's ACEWorking Group.


The 2023 AYF will focus on furthering the base built in 2021 for accessibility, inclusivity, and representativeness, and we hope that it will serve as a model for future youth-in-ACE initiatives. This third  ACE Youth Forum (AYF 2023) aims to elevate the voices of young people around the world during this critical year for progressing the work of ACE. Specifically, to give a platform for meaningful exchanges to enhance implementation of ACE by young people, while also crafting and publishing a set of youth policy recommendations directly linked to the next ACE Decision governments must adopt by COP28.

Key Outcomes & Impacts from 2021:

  • 2,000 Youth reached across 130 countries;

  • 29% increase in participants understanding of ACE from the capacity-building event;

  • 20+ Youth proposals & solutions to Parties for the next ACE WP.

Thank you to all of the participants from the event! Check out the Impact Report and Policy Summary below:

The 2023 forum will be from 28-31 July

The 2023 AYF will be conducted across three days and each section will have a specific purpose

  • Session 1 of Day 1: “Experience Sharing” among the participants about ACE, with breakout groups to make it more intimate spaces to share/exchange

  • Session 2 of Day 1: “Capacity Building” for the participants (maybe with breakouts/parallel offerings?)

  • Session 1 of Day 2: “Global/UNFCCC level action” by digging into the ACE Action Plan and how youth are part of implementing it and can collaborate together

  • Session 2 of Day 2: “Domestic/community level action” by looking at what youth can do in their own country/community, including the topic of partnerships

  • Day 3: “High-Level Day” will focus on inputs and interactions leading to concrete outcomes for COP28 as well as from various experts in such negotiaions


The form will be published soon!

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