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Why is climate education crucial

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Elements of ACE


Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 4:00:00 PM UTC


Climate Change Education, Public Awareness, International Coorperation, Public Participation, Public Access to Information, Training

Policy Advocates, Activists, School Students


Climate change education is seldom taught in the education system. It’s a very important subject to teach.
In order to inspire people to fight for climate change, people need to be educated not through a political platform but through one’s curriculum in schools.


A workshop that addresses the lack of climate education in schools.

Host Organization

Climate Generation

Climate Generation has a program dedicated specifically for climate education. This program runs trainings, workshops, and events to equip educators with the resources and tools to teach their students about climate change and provides online curriculum for educators to teach it on their own. We also have a community program, which engages the general public to work with us on solutions to climate change. In addition to this, our youth program highlights most of the pillars, specifically education, access to information, and public awareness. By participating in the COP, we work on international cooperation.

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